26 Jul 2012 @ 4:41 AM 

I made the jump yesterday, and discovered to my (unhappy) surprise about how Mountain Lion now handles RSS.

Or, more precisely, how it *doesn’t*. RSS is no longer supported in either Mail.app or in Safari.

After reading a bit, I decided to try out Reeder. Nice program, but it has an unfortunate (fatal) flaw: It doesn’t import RSS from Mail.app.

Since I happen to be good with the command line, I shortly came up with a method to extract the RSS feeds. This is a 90% in that the results that it prints have some encoding (such as & for an ampersand.) I’ll post later a 100% solution.

To extract your RSS feeds:

  1. Run Terminal.app (or any other command line terminal). Terminal.app can be found under your dock at: Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.app
  2. Make sure a terminal window is open. In Terminal.app, the following menu option will open a new terminal window for you: Shell -> New Window -> Basic
  3. Copy and past the following into a terminal window:

find ~/Library/Mail/V2/RSS -name *.plist -print0 | xargs -0 grep -hA 1 RSSFeedURLString | grep “” | sed -e ‘s/.//’ -e ‘s/<\/string>$//’

You’ll now have a list of RSS feeds. Enjoy!


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  1. greenman says:

    After thinking about it a bit, I realized this may not extract RSS feeds for Safari. If anyone cares to try it out and post their results, I’ll gladly update my instructions to cover Safari.


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